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played a bit of tera last night! [profile] going to play an unhealthy amount today too, so maybe lets kill cute monsters together.

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princessofqueer asked: what does Miio identify as? gender and sexuality wise and how did they and their friends meet (btw ive been like in love with your art for over a year, youre one of my favorite online artists uwu , keep up the awesome work plsss ; 3;)

oh my well… miio is asexual aaand i guess gender wise…well i dont know. Miio goes by He but its just more how people see them. the character has been interpreted as both, so i like to keep their gender undefined? All 3 friends met in school. c: although alexander is more of an exchange student at the school and goes there for ‘character building’. Miio and Kola actually live there and thats their only school option. so its an unlikely trio of kids. (and asdfghj thanks man«33)

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Anonymous asked: Hello, really sorry to bother you I just wanted to ask what anime the one picture you posted was from, if you knew, the one with the boy saying "i'm not going to be a cat. It's embarrasing" ty~ very much

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ref. sheet group post

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emergencybattle replied to your post: holy butts thanks for all the recs&nbs…

NA, JAP or EU? o < o

i…i donT KNOW *heave heave* i will post info as soon as im not a total noob

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holy butts thanks for all the recs  im playing tera right now aaaa

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can anyone recommend fun cute games/mmos for the pc?

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impaxt asked: I'm really curious as to the world that Miio and co. reside in, and if there's any sort of story floating around in your head for them? Your lovely art style and their record breaking levels of cuteness are really piquing my interest, if it's something you feel comfortable sharing :0

i would love to share! i actually have about 3 comics fully planned out. like over 200 pages each ideally… i just dont have the adequate art skills to execute them properly yet…so i wait lol. but yah i have it all planned out…down to a horrifying degree… so if you had specific questions i’m cool with answering them lol. but im not like…prepped to typed out a whole description if you feel me 

PS peeps have been saying miios name as: Milo…its actually Miio! MEE-OH. just…for clarity…*falls over*

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how much more miio can i post till u all unfollow me

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Labradorite from Madagascar. Gives me funky dreams when I have it under my pillow at night.




Labradorite from Madagascar. Gives me funky dreams when I have it under my pillow at night.


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